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The Standard Package

Our standard groom is an essential service that maintains the appearance and hygiene of your pet. 

Your dog will look fuller, healthier and younger while smelling great too.

We also suggest regular visits as the coat condition improves vastly.

• A basic health check 
• Nail clipping
• Removing of excess hair in-between foot pads
• Comb out/de-shed 
• Two baths with a top quality shampoo that suited to your dog’s skin condition.
• A Blow dry 
• The hair cut as desired 
• A Sanitary trim

The Puppy Package

It allows your puppy to get use to the grooming salon and we try to make this fun.

It allows your puppy to get used to the sights and sounds of the salon.

• A general health check 
• Nails clipping (If necessary) 
• Remove excess hair in-between foot pads
• Comb out/de-shed.
• Two baths with a top quality puppy shampoo that is suited to your 
dog’s skin condition. 
• A blow dry 
• Tidy up around eyes and feet

The Spa Package


The standard groom plus the following spa add ons:

• A deep cleansing shampoo that lifts the colour of your dog’s coat. Plus, a second bath with a Terra Beaute Mineral Anti-Aging Bath is a deep cleansing exfoliate-like cream.

• An oil silk conditioner and a coat conditioning spray that lifts and controls pet odours, and soothes irritable skin.

• A relaxing Warren London Paw Sani-Scrub. Followed by a Terra Beaute protective foot cream.

• A teeth brushing and breath freshener

• A Warren London Cucumber Melon Foaming 
• Finished with a Warren London Milk and honey fragrance spray.    

All for an additional £10


What is Handstripping?

Hanstripping is the removal of the top coat of wire haired breeds, leaving the smooth, soft undercoat. Dogs usually need to be handstripped every six months and should be timed with the dogs natural moulting cycle (Spring and Autumn) The process of stripping the hair is painless and comfotable for the dog as the hair is already dead in the follicle. 

Is your dog suitable for handstripping?

The minimum age a dog should be handstripped is 8 months, however I would reccomend 12. This is because the coat needs to fully mature and develop into two defined layers. If stripped too early the coat can be damaged for life with bald patches where the undercoat hasn't developed properly. 


If your dog has been clipped previously then it is unlikely the coat will still be suiable for handstripping. 


If your dog has any skin problems clipping may be more humane. Although handstripping is relatively painless, it can leave the skin irritated and a little sore if the dog has any pre existing skin problems, handstripping could be too uncomfortable for them.









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